There’s a distinct kinship among black men that shows up in the way we greet each another. It’s in our dap, fist bump, and the reflexive head nod that brothers give one another as if to say, “I see you.”

Erik Moore, early investor in Zappos and founder of Base Ventures, has identified this instinctive kinship as a key component of his blueprint for success.

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Let that sink in for a moment…

The brilliant angel investor behind some of today’s most noted upstarts counts mentorship – of all things – among the most important contributors to his success.

When it comes to advancing the narrative of black men and increasing social and economic growth, who better to learn from then those who have achieved those milestones in their own lives?

In the coming months, we will be collecting gems of wisdom from creative, talented, and prosperous brothers for a new Men of Courage series called “The Blueprint.”

Today, we’re kicking off “The Blueprint” with…

Erik Moore’s Two Key Principles for Success:

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The Blueprint, Principle 1: You get back what you put out into the world. It’s the law of attraction – plain and simple. This concept may sound cliché, but don’t sleep at the insight of this age old wisdom. You simply cannot give without reaping something in return.

Photo: Men of Courage

The Blueprint, Principle 2: We are all we need to succeed. Within the black male network lies all the assets, resources, and power we need. With the right support, every black man – no matter where they come from or what they’ve been through, has the ability to achieve their full potential.

“He persevered, he made it through….this brother did it.” – Erik Moore on his mentee, Darian Jefferson

Whether formal or informal, peer-to-peer, advisor to advisee, or vice-versa – when brothers come together in support of one another, it triggers a chain reaction that guarantees a prosperous end. 

Watch Erik break down his blueprint for success from the Men of Courage stage in L.A.

“What he doesn’t know is that what he did for me is far greater than what I did for him.” – Erik Moore on his mentee, Darian Jefferson

Join the movement as we continue to build the MOC Blueprint for Success and put these key principles to the test with the Men of Courage Mentorship Challenge.

What is the Men of Courage Mentorship Challenge?

It’s a call to action to mobilize 365 black men across the country in mentorship throughout 2018. This includes all kinds of relationships – peer-to-peer, mentor-to mentee, cousin-to-cousin, mentee-to-mentor, occupational mentors, and countless more.

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  • Exclusive access to Men of Courage pop up events across the country
  • Supplemental materials to enhance your mentor/mentee relationships
  • The intrinsic success that comes from sowing positively into the life of another brother

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