Born and raised in Detroit’s infamous 48205 zip code, I am a proud product of my city. As a Detroit native and someone who still resides in the city, I have dealt with and persevered through the adversity of poverty, mass incarceration within the community, as well as a lack of resources.

Statistically, I had a low probability of being successful in life but with a tenacious mentality, I defeated all the odds stacked against me.

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I obtained an Electrical Engineering degree, became an Execution Coach, Professional Speaker, Founder of a non-profit organization, Certified Bodybuilder, and a Men Of Courage Ambassador, but most importantly a servant of the Lord and the people.

I have always envisioned creating a platform that would not only benefit my family and I, but one that would affect others in a positive way as well. I have been blessed to fulfill that vision.

I am committed to using my voice to inspire thousands of people from my hometown of Detroit, Michigan and beyond.

On September 10th, I will unveil a new chapter of this mission to serve and inspire with the release of my first book, “Healing The Living Dead: Habits that shift you from a “Morgue” mentality to a “Forbes” mentality.”

Photo: Keyon Clinton

“Healing The Living Dead” emphasizes the fact that there are too many people who are physically alive but mentally and morally dead; walking around with no purpose or agenda in life. In this book, I highlight my journey and testimony to inspire everyone that

No matter how dark your past, you have the ability to make your future as bright as you want it to be.

Executing your goals on a daily basis helps to build a mindset of becoming at least 1% better every day. That’s the goal. I want to take a moment to thank Men of Courage, not only for supporting my goal, but for providing a powerful platform for this message.

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