Who inspires you? Is it Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcom X, or Marcus Garvey? What about the men you meet every day?

Men of Courage invites every day black men who are leaders in their community from business, law enforcement, entrepreneurs, tech start-ups, and artists to collaborate toward a united vision — changing the narrative about black men.

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Today, at the Ford Resource and Engagement Center in 7 Mile, Men of Courage is leading discussions centered around leveraging the legal system to accelerate economic mobility for black men by asking the question: How can we stop and re-direct young men who started out on the wrong path? The answer is, Empathy.

In many urban communities across the city, police officers are viewed as bullies who come into neighborhoods and take black men away from their families. However, the concept of community policing aims to change that narrative. 

At todays MOC pop-up, Detroit police officers explained that for them, community policing means embedding themselves into the communities they serve. By taking this approach, they become extended family for the members of those communities. Treating people like human beings instead of defendants, goes a long way toward improving relations.

Bryant L. George, a rookie police officer with the Detroit Police Officer is heavily involved in mentoring with the Detroit PAL / Team Up initiative.

Photo: Detroit News

At the Men of Courage pop up event, George explained why he makes it his daily mission to let youth know daily that there is no excuse for starting down a path of self-destruction. Developing these kinds of relationships is key to changing the narrative when it comes to building rapport between police officers and the communities they are employed to serve and protect.

By asking the question,

How might we leverage the legal system to accelerate economic mobility for black men?

Men of Courage is working in real time to be actionable about engaging and propelling young brothers toward a brighter future. Stay tuned for their solutions!

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