Education has proven to be the surest path to better opportunity and economic mobility for generations of strivers. As such, philanthropist, entertainment attorney, and founder of Bobbitt & Roberts law firm, Virgil Roberts has identified education as the key to raising the overall life trajectory for African American men.

When it comes to advancing the narrative and increasing the social and economic viability of black men, who better to learn from then those who have achieved these milestones? With this in mind, Men of Courage has created “The Blueprint” to collect gems of wisdom from creative, talented, and prosperous brothers.


This weeks principle comes from none other than Men of Courage Ambassador, Virgil Roberts.

The Blueprint, Principle #4: Education Is The Key To Breaking The Poverty Cycle

“The magic bullet for me that will change the course and the (economic) trajectory for all black people is education.” -Virgil Roberts, Founding Partner Bobbitt & Roberts Law Firm

Check out the video below:

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