In his directorial debut feature film, “Get Out,” Jordan Peele brilliantly merged the horror and humor of racial anxiety in an astute, culturally impactful, history making film for which he recently won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. As the first black man to achieve this accolade, and having done so through such a powerfully uncompromising narrative, we were all happy to see him shine, but perhaps none of us as happy as his best friend and long-time creative partner, Keegan-Michael Key.

Here are 5 Reasons Why Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key Are The Epitome of Brotherhood:

1. They Came Up Together Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key started out as cast mates on the hit comedy sketch show Mad TV.  The two went on to helm their own television program Key and Peele which ran for 5 seasons (2012-2015) on Comedy Central. Each of them had their own successes but ultimately realized they were stronger together.

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2. They Share Common Ground Their styles of using societal politics, pop culture, and race relations as the starting point for comedy complimented each other and the dynamic duo was born. The bond developed between the two set each of them up for monumental success.

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3. They Cheer Each Other On After years of working in tandem and achieving a certain level of success, it was Peele, who was catapulted into superstardom after a groundbreaking year. With the 2017 release of “Get Out” to rave reviews and over 255 Million earned at the Box Office, Jordan Peele was suddenly thrust back into the spotlight, but this time alone.

4. There’s No Jealousy We’ve seen it play out countless times. Peele’s success could have easily created tension, even jealousy between the two friends.  But instead, Key was right there supporting his brother every step of the way. There is a connectedness between these two that can’t be matched.

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5. They Build Together On Wednesday, Variety announced that Peele and Key are teaming up again for a Netflix’s stop-motion feature “Wendell and Wild,” in which they will voice two evil brothers forced to battle their arch-enemy to earn their ticket out of hell. This should be interesting.

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What can Men of Courage learn from them? Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key epitomize the power of brotherhood and the importance of standing next to those who will hold you down and support you. No matter how high you go, it’s bonds like these that keep you grounded.

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