I am a true Millennial. Born in 1990, on currently what feels like a race with myself to maximize the few remaining years of my glorious 20’s. Although I completely disagree with the many labels more “seasoned” folks tend to place on my age group (lazy, impatient, egotistical, entitled, etc.), I do understand that my peers and I have grown up in a world where immediate gratification is our reality.

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Resources, success stories, and possibilities are at our fingertips by way of the internet, and that can be both a blessing and a hinderance. I wholeheartedly believe that my generation is one of change. We are innovative way-makers who want to “get stuff done.” I mean, how could we not?

When you are constantly flooded with imagery of what “could be” can anyone blame us for getting excited and wanting to jump headfirst into our dreams with no safety gear?

Well, as I listened to former NBA star and businessman, Dave Bing speak on his experiences, I must say – my millennial-self was completely enlightened. Mr. Bing touched on the fact that no matter how smart you are, it is important to include two important pieces in your entrepreneurial puzzle: Good Advice and Training. 

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As we (young entrepreneurs) chase our dreams, there are others we can glean from and/or work with in order to become more efficient in our own journeys. Our willingness and commitment to growth is what separates our personal “good” from our personal “great.” 

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Nobody, not even the best at his/her craft, starts off as an expert. Even genius’ must fail, study, practice, fail (again), and grow on the path to success. The more you are willing to humble yourself, the farther you will sore. From this day forward, I challenge myself and all my Millennial-Entrepreneurial Kindred Spirits to dedicate the next season of our lives to being a student of our craft WHILE simultaneously chasing the dream. With my mentors on speed dial, and my study material (both literary and experience based) prepared, I know that the next few years of my entrepreneurial journey will be mind blowing.

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I know that on my own, I can make it happen… but I believe that with proper training, delegation, and nurturing – I (and YOU) can be better than great….we can be legendary. 

Listen to Dave Bing’s Men Of Courage Podcast episode here.



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