Creed II is a certified heavy hitter… and we’d like to commend the Black Boy Joy committee for that.


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Team behind the scenes: Ryan Coogler x Michael B. Jordan & … me #creed2 out tonight!

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Director, Steven Caple Jr. and the all-star cast lead by returning star, Michael B. Jordan came with the punches this weekend, proving once again that the franchise can go toe to toe with the best of them. OG Rocky supporters, loyal Creed fans, and first-timers alike all came off the ropes swinging this Thanksgiving weekend, and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The 8th film in the series continues to shatter box office records day-by-day, and has already snagged the belt for best ever opening for a Rocky/Creed movie. ($55 Million and counting.)


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Prior to its release, there was a bit of chatter surrounding whether or not the widely loved creator and former director, Ryan Coogler would direct the film. Fans were a bit nervous (and some disappointed, even) to hear that Coogler would not return. Coogler however, reassured everyone that the fellow USC alum would do a fine job… and well, it’s safe to say that Caple proved that, and then some.

Here’s how the Coogler-Caple-Jordan collaboration proved that a strong sense of brotherhood can elevate us to new heights.

1.Other People Aren’t Your Competition. You Are. 

When Coogler passed the baton to Caple, he taught us all a very valuable lesson. We are stronger together. While Coogler could’ve very well hogged the franchise to himself, he knew that bringing in fresh talent would only open up more doors for all of them to succeed. Jordan delivered a praiseworthy performance. Coogler stayed on board as a producer, and now the world has welcomed another talented Black man into Hollywood. Together they’ve enlarged the platform for others to showcase their talent.

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2. Keep Grinding & Network Across.

While Caple is new to the big screen, he’s been working hard at this for awhile. His first film, The Land, debuted at Sundance just a few years ago. Before Hollywood, Caple and Coogler were friends and film students together at USC. We often look upward for our “big break,” but often time the key to unlocking the door to your next level is right beside you. Value your personal relationships. Use your own resources. Build new bridges to the top using the people in your circle. We win, when we work together.


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Blessings #thejourney

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3. Heart Beats Greed on any Day.

The lessons in Creed II were simply profound. With brotherhood, pride, and legacy at the center, the film reminded us all that you have to know your WHY.

When you know your reason for wanting “something,” (… beyond money, fame, or notoriety) then that’s when you’re able to become a champion.

Follow your Heart. Create Your Legacy. Never Give Up.

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