After a week of packed events, red eye flights between Detroit and L.A. and hectic scheduling centered around his inaugural Detroit’s On Now (D.O.N.) Weekend, you would think Big Sean would take a breath, right? Wrong.

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Big Sean’s commitment to Detroit’s bounce back is evident from the investments he’s made in the city.

From the summer kick off of his D.O.N. Weekend to the impending opening of his new Movie Plexand executive producer credit on the History channel’s recently released “Detroit: The Comeback City” documentary – it is clear that Big Sean is personally vested in changing the narrative for the city of Detroit.

Photo: Thomas Falcone

During his D.O.N. weekend festivities, Big Sean lent support to events throughout the city and performed for Ford’s landmark celebration of the reopening of Detroit’s historic train station that was abandoned for decades.

Like the many structures around the city, the old abandoned train station was an eye sore and a symbol of Detroit’s decline for much of Big Sean’s life. The structure is now an emblem of the city’s resurgence. This symbolism was not lost on Big Sean as he delivered a stirring  performance in front of the structure.

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Post performance, the rapper sat down with MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss his passion for his native city, the meaning behind some of his most popular songs, and how his hometown of Detroit taught him the value of giving back.

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Detroit is a city that has experienced it’s share of losses over the years, but according to Big Sean it’s all about re-framing those perceived losses in a positive way. This is exactly what he aims to do through his music in songs like “Bounce Back” where he says, “last night I took an L, but today I bounce back.” Expanding on that verse, Big Sean told MSNBC reporter, Ari Melber,

“Lately I’ve not been looking at things as losses. I’ve been looking at them as lessons. When you look at that there is no such thing as loosing truthfully. That’s the mentality I’m trying to teach.”

For many Big Sean is seen as an inspiration and rightfully so. His music is centered on ambition, drive, and the entrepreneurial spirit he credits to his hometown. 

Photo: Thomas Falcone

Through his many organizations including Men of Courage and the Sean Anderson Foundation, Big Sean is able to bridge the gap in opportunity for those who are facing challenges.

“Coming from a city like Detroit, I’ve been taught to be a boss and give back to the people you love and to put the people who deserve to be put on.”

A founding architect of Men of Courage, Big Sean is focused on making sure that young people in Detroit and around the world know that they can do anything they put their minds to.  Through Big Sean’s investment in the city, Detroiters will have opportunities for many years to come.


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