Spring is here and the weekend is right around the corner. You know what that means…Brothers are about to come correct with those fresh fades and extra crispy lineups.

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That weekly trip to the barbershop is about more than just getting CLEAN. It’s an opportunity to hang out, cut loose, and talk noise about everything from March Madness to your ‘hood movies bracket.’

No matter what kind of week you’ve had, while you’re sitting in that barbers chair you’re bound to be entertained by the revolving door of characters moving in and out of the shop.

We asked you to name a few fellas you’re bound to run into at your local barbershop, and here’s what you had to say:

1. The Monday Morning Quarterback – When it comes to sports, my man here is the expert. Whether it’s football or basketball season, he lives to talk trash.

If you’re heading to the shop this weekend, brace yourself for his Final Four forecast and his overly confident, premature NBA Playoff predictions.

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2. The Bootleg Man – Everything from headphones to fish plates, to dental plans on the low…Hustle man got you. @deweydadon

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3. The Guru – Sports, music, politics, relationships…the guru is there to hand out his unsolicited advice on everything. We love him though. @introvertedlyquirky

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4. The Future Baller – The young brotha who everybody thinks is gonna make it to the NBA because he can ball and his Uncle played overseas. @angellionlife

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5. The Militant Brother –  “Hear me out!” He sees conspiracy in the smallest things. He sounds crazy at first, but always ends up making sense right at the very end. @shawnhwilson6

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6. The Chess Champ – Bet you won’t break his concentration. @cjpros

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7. The Perfectionist – That dude who’s never satisfied with his cut and holds up the line cuz he’s pointing stuff out in the mirror. @angellionlife

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8. The Low Key Comedian He’s the comedic relief for the barbers and clients. @jeremywroteit

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Who did we miss? Hit us on Instagram and let us know who you can count on seeing in the barbershop this weekend.

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