It’s summertime. So, you know what it is. Time to break out the trunks, rev up the jet skis, and hit these beaches.

You’ve seen the shots of Jay and Bey yacht diving into the Mediterranean Sea.

You’ve probably caught a glimpse of these NBA ballers sparing no expense on their power couple vacations.

With Instagram flexin’ at an all time high, I’m sure you’ve noticed some travel extravagance within your own social circle.

You’re up next! What are your summer travel desires? Whatever your budget, with a little planning and due diligence, it is absolutely possible to enjoy a lavish summer excursion of your own.

Check Out These 10 Tips For a Baller Vacation On A Budget:

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1. Purchase Daily Deals In Advance – Start monitoring daily deal sites like Groupon and Living Social in the cities where you plan to travel.

2. Research Public Transport – Taking public transportation to and from the airport in most cities is a viable option that is far cheaper than Taxi, Lyft, or Uber.

3. Visit The Tourism Website for Your Destination – How do you know what’s free of discounted if you don’t research the cultural offerings ahead of time?

4. Go Grocery Shopping – Eating out every meal is costly. In fact, it can eat up half the cost of your vacation budget if you’re not careful. Pick up a few easy to eat grocery items like fruits cereal and sandwich ingredients.

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5. Skip the Souvenirs – Instead take lots of photos. It’s free, it’s fun, and the memories will last a lot longer than any other items you can pick up at the airport.

6. Discover ‘Members Perks’ – Instead of your plastic costing you money all the time, make it work in your favor by finding out what discounts and reward come with your credit card and Costco card. Also, if you’re a student, senior, or in the military – ask establishments about your eligible discounts.

7. Take Advantage of Free Extended Stop Overs – For example, a round trip flight from Atlanta to Costa Rica might have a one hour layover in Fort Lauderdale as part of the trip. Try searching for a multi-leg flight flying from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale, than a few days later from there to Costa Rica. This strategy works all over the world, and often you won’t have to pay an additional difference in fare since those stops are considered layovers. 

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8. Travel During Shoulder Periods – There are times in the travel industry called ‘shoulder periods” that are basically off-peak times. Like when kids go back to school in September and just after spring break in April. Airlines and hotels often give big discounts on airline tickets and hotel rooms at this time.

9. Get Clever With Your PTO – Request your time off from work in the middle of the week. That way you can take advantage of cheaper air fares so you can save hundreds of dollars roundrip just by hacking your vacation schedule.

10. Use A Transportation Search Engine – Websites like Rome2Rio will tell you how to get to your destination by all transportation methods and which one is cheapest. Also, before you book a round-trip ticket. Look at the cost of two one-way flights. Sometimes it turns out to be cheaper.

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BONUS TIP: When you get to your travel destination…beware of “Joe’s Money Trap of the Day!” It’s called The Six Block Rule.

Never eat within six blocks of a major tourist destination. Why? Because the food is double the price and half as good.

Sites like Yelp and Open Table can help you find nearby restaurants with the real local cuisine.

Listen to these tips on the go. Check out the audio at the Joe Knows Money Show on YouTube:

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